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Custom portraits
from your favorite
— a heartfelt gift for the most precious person!
Let's Go
🖋️ 100% hand-drawn
by our talented artists
How to order?
It's super easy!
Upload your favorite photo.
You will receive a digital file of portrait via email in 3-5 business days.
Two revisions are included with your purchase if needed.
Physical print-out takes 4-8 business days to arrive.
Each revision takes 2-3 business days to process.
Get your portraits printed on
Artiv Photo Tiles
Decorating has never been easier!
No tools, no damages -- just peel & stick!
Re-arrange up to 20 times.
Amazing printing quality.
Lifetime warranty.
Rated 4.8 on the Appstore.
Custom Illustrated Portrait
Let's Go
From $10 (40%Off Now!)
Professionally Hand Drawn
Cost to ship: Free
4 Amazing styles of illustration
You will definitely find the one you love!
Crayon4pp Full body
Elegant2pp Half body
Cartoon2pp Full Body
Comic4pp Half body
Half body
Full body
Comic $10 PP
1 pet = 1 person
$13 PP
1 pet = 1 person
Crayon $12 PP
1 pet = 1 person
$15 PP
1 pet = 1 person
Cartoon $13 PP
1 pet = 1 person
$17 PP
1 pet = 1 person
Elegant $17 PP
1 pet = 1 person
$19 PP
1 pet = 1 person
Turning a photo into a beautiful
piece of art to decorate your home!
Let's Go
Q1 What I will receive?
Your special portrait could be delivered as:
- Digital file
No physical item will be shipped.
You will receive a JPG file that can be used digitally or for a high-quality print.
- Stickable photo tiles 8"" x 8""
We will print the portrait out and make it a haning art for you.
Q2 What are differeces of 4 styles?
With soft colors & wonderful texture of brushstrokes, this style creates a cozy atmosphere of love & affection.

Done with amazing details and perfect likeness. Every inch is illustrated delicately.

Eye-catching and chic! Each illustration features vibrant colors & strong lines with its own stylish aesthetic.

With expressive, round eyes, each figure is drawn distinctly. In this style, all the characters appear much cuter!

Q3 What kind of photo should I submit?
The one that makes you the happiest! We recommend the photos that are sharp and taken in good lighting.
Q4 Can I do a costom pet portrait?
Of course! Your furbaby will be carefully hand-illustrated by our artist. You will love every inch of it! Please note *a pet is counted as one character!*
Q5 I do not have a photo of us together. What can I do?
Since we only accept one photo for one portrait, please make a collage with multiple photos and upload it to our system.
Q6 What can I do if there is a figure in my photo I don't want to be illustrated?
Put a mark (ex: X) on that person/pet before uploading the photo.